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"Already generating results and assisting us to generate an extra £5m+..."

As a wealth management company we recognize that having a plan and generating an ROI is very important to us and our clients. In working with Fraser, we have seen significant progress with our marketing and are experiencing an ROI that can be tracked back to increased exposure online, new signups, leads, sales and even referrals.

Just one of his practical techniques is already generating results and assisting us to generate an extra £5m+ in funds under management this year.

I recommend his coaching expertise to any company or individual that needs to sharpen their marketing skills to deliver a marketing plan that works

- Gavin O'Brien (Wealth Management Company)

"What started as a part-time business is now a £160,000+ enterprise and growing every day."

Fraser and the resources he offers inside Grow Your Business Club have been instrumental in giving me help, support and confidence to create the opportunities I needed to expand my business.

With his help, I’m now on track to completing and publishing my 3rd book on Amazon, approaching 18,000 positive feedbacks on eBay, and a Linkedin Profile that keeps attracting more views and connections every day. What started as a part-time business is now a £160,000+ enterprise and growing every day.

If you work for yourself or are thinking about it and need help, then I encourage you to engage him and embrace what’s on offer via the club.

It’s practical, it’s refreshing and it works.

- George Wallace aka "The Ebay Guy" (Online Retailer)

"...and came away with an order valued at £6,000."

I adopted his advice and within a few days I visited a client business and came away with an order valued at £6,000. I also followed his advice in negotiating with a very large US business which enabled me to overturn my 20 page legal agreement with them for services and have them fund certain project costs upfront.

- Phil Brigstock (Chartered Tax Adviser)

"be guided, encouraged, challenged, coerced and driven to...change"

Anyone who needs to attract new customers or develop existing customers, find new markets, different approaches, position or reposition their products, create opportunities, increase their value, their company value or their brand value.

Anyone who wants to be shaken to the core

when they realise how little they know about their markets, their customers, their activity and their lack of knowledge.

Anyone who wants to be guided, encouraged, challenged, coerced and driven to learn, to understand and to change. Sole trader, SME, plc.
- Eric Hearn (Textile Printer)

"Logical, practical, innovative & effective!"

Logical, practical, innovative & effective! Stop moaning about your current circumstances and actually do something about it. I was in exactly the same place that you probably are with your marketing today. I’m very glad I recognised it and took advantage of what Grow Your Business offer.

- Elsabe Smit (Business Analyst)

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"Instead of receiving prescriptive advice, you need to stop struggling with the symptoms of your current situation. Identify the root cause of what's holding you back & take action."

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